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Damaged Slate Roof - Storm Damage Repair (847) 827-1605
Damaged Slate Roof – Storm Damage Repair (847) 827-1605

If you believe that your home has been through a storm there is a good chance it may have sustained damage. At first glance it may not look like there is damage. It is very difficult to tell, for instance if the roof has been damaged by hail. Missing shingles from high winds on the other hand are very easy to spot.

At A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. we have a team of highly skilled and dedicated project coordinators. One of them will be happy to assist you in determining if in fact damage has occurred and what the best course of action would be for your repairs.

The Most Common Type of Storm Damage:

The two most common types of damage storm damage to your home are Wind and Hail. Both can cause significant damage to your ROOF, SIDING and WINDOWS. If your home has experienced a wind or hail storm within the past two years call us immediately and one of our experienced coordinators will come to your home and do a FREE ESTIMATE.

Here at A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc, we specialize in storm damage restoration services for the entire Chicagoland, North Shore and suburban areas which includes professional fast and effective repairs for homeowners with hail damage.

Hail can do massive damage to a house. Very hard impacts by these high speed icy projectiles are known to pulverize roofing shingles, break roofing skylight glass and put dents aluminum gutters. But the damage can easily exceed these impact effects, because hail is often accompanied by levels of high winds and very heavy rain.

Hail Damage is a serious threat to your home! Like a tumor, hail damage worsens over time. Unseen or seemingly insignificant damage can become a nightmare 6 to 36 months down the road. A 1″ hailstone impacts your roof at around 60 MPH, fracturing the mat, displacing granules and leaving a bruise. Over time, as hot and cold extremes cause expansion and contraction, the bruise grows and worsens. The sun begins to eat a hole directly into the mat until eventually water penetrates into your home, creating the potential for widespread and expensive damage.

These additional examples of Mother Nature’s wrath can cause tree limbs to break loose and punch through a roof. Add heavy rain and suddenly you’ve got major moisture damage inside the house.

Most home owners do not realize that there may be storm or hail damage to their roof, siding, gutters, windows, deck.

This damage is difficult to see without a thorough, up-close inspection. Typically, this damage, will not cause leaks immediately. However, the life expectancy of your roof may have been significantly reduced. Gutters and siding could have been dented and damaged. Hail impact also causes displacement of the protective granules from your shingles, exposing asphalt underlayment to the UV rays of the sun or puncturing the fiberglass mat, causing premature failure of the roof.